SQL Cloud Backup Free 0.9: Back up your SQL Server databases to a local disk and upload them to the cloud.

SQL Cloud Backup Free 0.9

Cloud Backup supports advanced features such as encryption, backup compression, automatic integrity check and backup scheduling. You can also sign up for a cloud storage account, which works seamlessly with the SQL Cloud Backup software and allows you to automatically upload your backups to the cloud storage in addition to saving them onto a local disk. Features in SQL Cloud Backup Free Edition: - Built-in wizards that make the backup process simpler

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EZ Backup The Bat! Basic 6.32: Backup The Bat! with EZ Backup!

EZ Backup The Bat! Basic 6.32

EZ Backup The Bat! Basic makes it easy to backup your The Bat! mail, address book and accounts to any local, network or removable drive. The application creates a self-restoring backup archive which includes a wizard interface that will guide you through restoring your data. The trial version of EZ Backup will create up to 7 backups but the software must be purchased before your data can be restored.

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Vembu StoreGrid Service Provider Edition 3.1: Feature Packed Remote Backup Software for Online/Offsite/Remote backup needs

Vembu StoreGrid Service Provider Edition 3.1

Backup over the Internet: You could deploy StoreGrid Backup Server in your own data center / co-lo and offer backup services to your business customers with client machines directly backing up over the Internet to a remote StoreGrid Backup Server Cluster. In this case, the StoreGrid Backup Server Cluster can be configured with a centralized storage system (for the backup data) which could be a NAS, SAN, private cloud storage or even public cloud

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Cloud Online Backup 4.5: Backup your data online fast and easy at a good price

Cloud Online Backup 4.5

Cloudonlinebackup is the fast easy and secure solution for online backup. It keeps all transfers secure and encrypted, runs in the background and makes sure that data loss is no danger. Previous versions of the files are kept and can be easily restored from the online backup. The files can be accessed at all times by a webinterface.

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SQL Backup Master Free SQL Server database backup and recovery software

SQL Backup Master

backups to the cloud. Built-in scheduling allows you to automatically upload database backups to any number of the supported cloud storage services on a recurring basis. SQL Backup Master supports full, differential, and transactional log backups. It can also encrypt compressed database backup files using AES-256. Email notification support is also included, allowing you to be notified in the event of a backup failure (or success). An integrated

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Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition 3.2.721: Delivers cloud services to your desktop and operating system

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition 3.2.721

in a single task. Users can also setup Google Docs backup task, to backup documents in Google Docs to other cloud storage directly. Cloud Sync Folder syncs local folder across all your computers. It provides version control, with the ability to restore previous versions. Gladinet Cloud Space service provides browser access to the cloud storage services mounted in Gladinet Cloud Desktop instances. It provides a personal cloud, when away from your

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Exchange Tasks 365 1.2.1211.2900: Microsoft Exchange 365 Management Tool

Exchange Tasks 365 1.2.1211.2900

Microsoft`s cloud initiative has become a major solution for the past few years. Many organizations have already moved their e-mail infrastructure to Office 365, Microsoft`s Exchange cloud service. However, the cloud solution has created some challenges for IT professionals: User Management in the Cloud. U-BTech`s Exchange Tasks 365 is a standalone management tool. The tool can help manage your Exchange recipients, both on-premise and in the cloud, all from one product. Exchange Tasks 365 uses Microsoft`s API and security standards to provide you with the best possible management experience, without compromising your security and privacy.

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Handy Backup Home Professional 7.1.1: Full system backup is made the easiest ever, plus powerful database backup

Handy Backup Home Professional 7.1.1

Disk image backup and restore made ridiculously awesome, database instant copying and recovery, and support of secure data transfer protocols are the key advantages of the brand new Handy Backup Home Professional. Also, there are all hottest storage options (Amazon, Handy Backup cloud, external and local drives, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, etc.), automation of data protection routine (backup scheduling), backup compression and backup encryption. Try now!

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Cloudatag Media Manager 1.2.0: Manage photos and videos using tag cloud, map photos. Upload to cloud storage.

Cloudatag Media Manager 1.2.0

the hot tags on the tag cloud window. Then you can quickly access your photos by using tag cloud feature. As soon as you would click on any specific tag the related photos would come to the forefront. * Professional Cloud Media Storage: The number of photos & videos you can store in Cloud Media Storage is unlimited. You can upload up to 5 GB of video each. High-concurrency cloud transfer protocol and enhanced authentication mechanisms, make cloud

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Backup Forever 2.6: Recover the backup even if a failure destroys some file regions.

Backup Forever 2.6

backup copies and restores them safely at the cost of speed and disk space. When this program makes a backup, it records as much extra information as possible to recover all information recorded on the backup even if a failure destroys some file regions. There are two versions: graphic and command line. FAQ: Can I backup my entire Hard Disk including the system operational using Backup Forever? Yes. However, Backup Forever is not intended to backup

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